Typing Audio Tutorial

Audio course is an effective tool for users to practice both touch typing and spelling while listening to the announcer.
Out typing audio tutorial is designed to improve your typing while listening skill. It provides multiple controllers to control the audio speed while being able to go back and forward on the audio prompt.

Tips for success:

  • Relax! The Audio Typing Tutorial is only for you. Unsatisfied with the results? Practice some more and return for another typing audio session .
  • Sit comfortably, preferably at a desk. Find a quiet spot where you can practice the tutorial without distractions. Turn off the TV and mute your phone!
  • Don't look at the keyboard - not even a quick peek! Look only at the screen. Made a mistake? Don't panic. Just hit the right key, keep going and you're on the way to become an expert typist with impressive typing speed and accuracy.
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